Top 10 Famous Food Places In Karachi Worthy Of Your Visit

food places in karachi

Imagine the world’s third most populous city, Karachi, where people of unaccountable backgrounds are living from past several decades, the food culture will unbelievably sundry. Assimilating the Top 10 Famous Food Places In Karachi Worthy Of Your Visit is no doubt a monumental task, where one or two food styles are not found, but the world’s cuisine is nestling in every corner of the city. Proving Karachi a gastronomic heaven for its culinary repertoire running the spectrum from Paye to pizza and ravioli to Kheer, we are about to brush out Top 10 Famous Food Places In Karachi Worthy Of Your Visit!

10: Xander's, Karachi

Without a shadow of doubt, Karachi is brimmed with plethora of food flavors, in such gems; Xander's is precious asset of Karachi, which is known for its first-class ambience and professional staff. Being perched out at prime location of Clifton in Karachi, Xander’s café is favorite food corner for all ages, as the place has introduced best quality pizza in the city. Offering unique varieties of thin crust slices of New York pizza including pepperoni pizza combined with fresh mozzarella cheese and slices of pepperoni, the Xander’s has earned love and attention of fast food enthusiasts.

(Note: While in Clifton, Karachi, one must not miss the tasting of chicken Caesar salad and Margarita, which is close to the standards of Brooklyn and New York.)

 9: Sajjad Restaurant, Karachi

Installed at Sea View Road, Karachi, Sajjad Restaurant is popular for two main facts i.e. the sea view and the sea food. In favor of spending quality time and limited budget, Sajjad Restaurant is highly recommended for taking pleasure of cold breezes and cozy ambience. What makes it the best restaurant in the location is its happening environment and wide range of cuisines along with snacks, which never let anyone complaining of feeling hungry in Karachi.

8: Arizona Grill, Karachi

For the barbecue lovers, Arizona Grill is not just a typical steakhouse in Karachi, but the dearest space for fulfilling the desire of eating celestial food ever. Featuring groovy bar and waiting area, the restaurant welcomes the visitors with warm gesture and the fact that makes it personal favorite for children as well is they offer special Kid’s corner in the food menu. From sea food to western cuisines, this place is ideal for formal and casual gatherings, where the compromise on food quality is against their standards.
(Note: Stretching in Zamzama location in Karachi, you better not miss savoring the mouthwatering steaks served with stir fry vegetables.)

 7: Student Bariyani, Karachi

Consider it a blessing of God that Karachi invented the original recipe of Bariyani, unlike other cities in the country, and served the masses with aromatic rice, juicy chicken piece along with salad and raita! Among the best places of Bariyani in Karachi, Student Bariyani at Saddar area of the city tempts people for savoring real taste of Sindhi Bariyani, brimmed with spices and best rice quality, the brand has opened its franchises in many cities of Pakistan as well, acknowledging the fact that Bariyani will always be first love of food enthusiasts.
Honorable mentions: Biryani Centre, Biryani Of The Seas (BOTS) – Clifton and Madni Biryani – Buffer Zone

 6: Zahid Nihari Restaurant, Karachi

Among the delicacy of Karachi, Nihari cannot be ignored at all as these foods represent the real soul of the city, narrating the diversity of food culture in Karachi. For the love of heavens, one must not take Nihari at Zahid Nihari Restaurant for granted while in Karachi, the real combination of delicious oil laden gravy sprinkled with spices and juicy meat. Fresh meat, affordable prices and fast services makes this spot ideal for finger-licking dining experience.

5: Meat The Cheese, Karachi

Not a traditional sitting place for eating ordinary food, but here comes this cheese heaven named ‘Meat The Cheese’, a new yet noteworthy addition in eateries of Karachi. Installed at Khayaban-e-Bukhari , Meat The Cheese is becoming favorite hangout spot among youngsters, and for those who crave for best steak and cheese, this place is little patch of paradise in Karachi, where they serve melting cheese over the top of your steaks, right from cheese slab! Imagine the hot and melting cheese, making your plate loaded with good cheese. Floral pattern décor of the place and unavoidable western plating style of the café makes it a big YES for food lovers.
(Note: The menu is charged with cheese-loaded food but the melting raclette cheese is all that makes your desire of bursting in cheese fulfilled.)

4: Ginsoy, Karachi

Ginsoy will always be in the list of Chinese food lovers, as this is one of the most celebrated Chinese eatery that has introduced authentic Chinese flavors in affordable prices to Karachites. From chicken soups to fried prawns, this food hub is must to visit in Karachi, fulfilling the urge of eating something phenomenal not traditional.

3: Lal Qila, Karachi

Plotted on the main Shahrah-e-Faisal road, Lal Qila is epitome of royalty and brilliant ethical essence of Mughal era, as the castle cum restaurant is adorned with Mughal Artistry, blessing a royal vibe to its visitor. No other place can beat the extensive buffet style of Lal Qila, truly deserving of each penny spent for savoring the Continental, Asian and Western cuisine. Whether you are die-hard fan of barbecue, grilled or baked food, Lal Qila serves uncountable dishes.

2: Kolachi Restaurant, Karachi

The beach location and outclass sitting arrangement makes Kolachi Restaurant an iconic place for eating lunch and dinner with friends and family in Karachi. Imagine the vibe of sitting in beautiful décor and beach backdrop, this feeling is all what one can dream of for escaping monotonous routines. To adore the maximum charm and flavors of desi food, choose the dining at the edge of restaurant, brimmed with romance and fresh air. Becoming the famous food place in Karachi, Kolachi restaurant has never compromised on quality of food, serving moderate amount of food on plate, it will always be power house of Seafood, Barbecue, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Afghani and Fast Food.

Giving justice to the catalogue of Top 10 Famous Food Places In Karachi Worthy Of Your Visit, here are some noteworthy mentions, which has attained public appreciation for so many decades.

  • BBQ Tonight, Karachi.
  • Salt'n Pepper Village, Karachi
  • Cafe Aylanto, Karachi
  • Cafe Flo, Karachi
  • Kababjees, Karachi
  • Gola Gnada at Karachi’s Dhoraji
  • Al-Asif Afghani Boti

1: Burns Road, Karachi

Keeping the spirit of Karachi alive, Burns Road is not merely a diverse food street in Karachi, but resource of income for hundreds and source of entertainment for thousands. Cutting out the exaggeration, Burns road is considered as food paradise in Karachi, where traditional delights to international cuisines is found, unlike fancy restaurants, the visitor’s appreciation and satisfaction is taken as first priority by the local stall holders at Burns road, Karachi. Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisines makes the Burns Road makes matchless food destination in Karachi.


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