Top 10 Best ‘Worthy At Its Cost’ Food Places In Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is well known melting pot of different regions, which literally has absorbed people of several backgrounds. This is the fact, which has made Islamabad noteworthy for food, where a blend of unconventional cuisines can be expected. Today we are about to brush out Top 10 Best ‘Worthy At Its Cost’ Food Places In Islamabad, that is going to break the wacko mentality of some douche bags that Islamabad is living at the edge of food world! 

10: Khyber Dodai, Islamabad

For all those hungry souls who are being told that Islamabad is all about fancy food, must hit this exquisite Aghani Restaurant in F-6 Markaz. Giving all the traditional vibes of colorful culture and Afghani/Pakhtoon cuisines, the restaurant is gem of its genre in Islamabad. Spending merely 500 over a large plate of meal and getting panoramic view of Islamabad city from the rooftop sitting of the restaurant is unbelievable. Barbecue, spectacular view of Margala Hills, Live music, sitting of English style and traditional cushion arrangement on the floor makes this restaurant worthy of spending each penny spent! 


9: Wild Thyme, Islamabad

While sitting in Wild Thyme, the tranquil and peaceful yet traditional Hunza vibe can be sensed in E-7 sector, Islamabad and it is advised for food enthusiasts not to expect typical food at all! Prepared in light-flavored spices but unique flavors, the food is exceptionally a taste of authentic Hunza fare. Providing solitary variety of soups ranging from mutton to pumpkin, served in deep stone bowls, and extravagant main meal course brimmed with chicken, vegetables and cheese in uncommon ways, this restaurant is power packed food hub in Islamabad. (Note: Allowing visitors to savor the taste of Northern areas, the restaurant offers a wide range of fresh juices, among which Chahmus-a homemade juice of dried apricots is highly recommended in Islamabad.)

8: Burning Brownie, Islamabad

Burning Brownie, which all started from a home based bakeshop, has turned into real gem of Islamabad, suiting to posh image of this capital city. No doubt the bakery serves very limited desert range in this soul-soothing café, but it totally deserves spending money over town’s best deserts made out of imported chocolate such as Belocade, Callebaut and Valrhona. Recently the café has also started serving savory snacks, packed of great flavors and juices in every bite. Next time, you plan to have best coffee or smoothie along with giant bite of cheese-cake, Burning Brownie is waiting for you at Nazim-ud-din Road، Islamabad. 

7: Howdy Islamabad

In the town, Howdy Islamabad has become favorite and ideal destination for birthday and formal parties, acknowledging the freshly-cooked burger buns! Moderate in prices, the cow-bow themed restaurant is all about adequate-sized burgers and steaks, after which eating McDonald’s and KFC does not sound rational and fun at all. The wide-ranging variety of chicken and beef burgers, beverages, fries in economical range has made this place a big hit in city of burger-eating generation. 

6: Khokha Khola, Islamabad

The dhaba style eatery may seem different in modern city of Islamabad, but this fact makes this place happening. A restaurant where the food is enjoyed with old Hindi and Lollywood songs, along with a perfect sitting of antique and modern combination is ideal for fun enthusiasts in Islamabad. Three main course food served in traditional steel utensils, big meals in thaali, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes made in hand-grind spices makes this place a perfect destination where one of the owner himself takes the orders to relive the warm hospitality of royal era. (Note: In Islamabad a food hub that serves finger-licking butter chicken is Khoka Kola, nestled in the basement of Beverly Centre, Islamabad.) 

5: Tehzeeb Bakers Blue Area, Islamabad

Heaven of food, particularly the bakery, ranging from sweets to snacks; Tehzeeb Bakers is trusted destination where freshly baked stuff and quality is of great importance. Living the legacy of past 100 years, the bakery is serving best pastries, cakes, donuts, puffs, nimko, sandwiches, pizza, cookies and the entire bakery in very economical range, without compromising on quality of the food. 

4: Des Pardes Restaurant, Islamabad

Dining out to eat something unusual than home-cooked food is worthy of money, when you find a perfect food destination. In Islamabad, Des Pardes Restaurant is ultimate hub of desi food in reasonable prices, where charcoal-barbecue food is served in royal manner to savor the Mughlai cuisines to treat the taste buds. Being perched out over Saidpur road, the restaurant blesses rustic village vibe but we recommend you to choose terrace sitting for luxuriating in mountainous backdrops with ancient aura of old temples and scrumptious meal ever. 

3: Chaaye Khana, Islamabad

Known for its cozy environment, Chaaye Khana bestows tea to the nation for which this magic potion is life! Offering not just plain tea, the café has wide range of different tea/coffee and snacks (not 10, 20 or 50 but 70 blends of tea in total), whose all purpose is to entertain the tea lovers in best possible way. What can be more comfortable than sipping your tea in such elegant atmosphere, where internet is also free! Dim lights and heart-soothing music is making Chaaye Khana a best option for tranquil seekers in Islamabad. 

2: Tuscany Courtyard, Islamabad

In all its glory, Tuscany Courtyard is proud gem of Islamabad, where people craving for international cuisines stop by for savoring sinful pleasure! Particularly dealing in Italian dishes, this place is for elite class or perfect night out with your partners. Royal dining experience, best Italian steaks , professional servings makes this place top at its genre of fine dining experience in Islamabad. 
Before listing the number 1 Top 10 Best ‘Worthy At Its Cost’ Food Places In Islamabad, notable restaurants deserve the mention in this list, which literally are known for reasonable prices and good serving sizes. 
  • Mantu Cheese Paratha
  • Roasters Coffee House & Grill
  • Warehouse Café (For vegetarians) 
  • Bar B.Q. Tonight
  • Chattha’s (Known for Big serving size at budget friendly range)
  • Savor Palao
  • La Montana Restaurant (Ideal for Buffet Dinner)

1: The Monal, Islamabad

The Monal Restaurant is unofficial trademark of Islamabad, brimmed with beauty of nature, but it will be injustice not to mention the aromatic food of this up-hill restaurant. The only place in Islamabad, Monal must be considered legal and trusted brimmed with plethora of food items of Chinese, continental, Thai and Arabian food. The vibe of this majestic place is inexplicable, where a heaven-like feel is found, food, nature, light music and everything that a person desires for spending quality time in life! Truly deserving of every rupee spent, Monal installed at Pir Sohawa Road is precious asset of Islamabad. 
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