Top 10 Best Unavoidable Food Places In Lahore

best food places in lahore

Many few people would know the fact that Pakistan is known as food hub in world, for its unique flavors and plethora of traditional dishes. To make the statement true, Lahore is one of the unavoidable cities, where aroma of richly-spiced food and overloaded taste of meaty stuff can be found! To make you drooling across the Lahore, we have prepared a handy list of Top 10 Best Unavoidable Food Places In Lahore, which truly depicts the food diversity, delicacies, and innovations of Pakistani cuisines.

10: Tenerife Café, Lahore

Tenerife Café, Lahore

Near Gulberg Galleria and MCB House, the Tenerife Café is modern hub of innovative food in Lahore, installed at Jail road. The café truly elevates the dining experience with friends and family, ranging from flavorful salads to incredible desserts, this café is all about providing you best quality. The adequate serving size, beautiful décor and aura of the café at reasonable prices, makes this place a big thumbs up for people looking for food and class at the same time.

9: Bundu Khan Restaurant, Lahore

Bundu Khan Restaurant, Lahore

To feed the hungry tummies the best traditional cuisines, Bandu Khan Restaurant has several branches all over the Lahore, allowing the food enthusiasts to savor the celestial food without hard efforts. Ranging from BBQ platters to Zafrani Mutton Leg, the restaurant is sure a heaven of Pakistani delicacies. Their wide menu list ranging from chicken soup to classical deserts cannot be resisted for sure, worthy of every penny in your wallet, the restaurant really deserve a visit for royal dining experience in Lahore.

8: Banera-Rooftop Restaurant, Lahore

Banera-Rooftop Restaurant, Lahore

Planning for great deal of food and a bit different experience than sitting in typical restaurant environment? The Banera-Rooftop Restaurant must be your blind choice, which serves a vast range of cuisines in indoor restaurant and open-air sitting as well. During pleasant weather, this restaurant being installed at rooftop bless an unforgettable opportunity to cherish sunset and moonlight having world-class meal making the whole experience electrifying in Lahore city.

7: Salt'n Pepper Village, Lahore

Salt'n Pepper Village, Lahore

Opened at two high-end market area, Liberty Market and Mall Road in Lahore, Salt'n Pepper Village is shining example of the fact that there must be no rules for spice usage as long as it results in something delicious. Exploring the perfect combination of classic food and Continent cuisines at Salt'n Pepper Village is something sacred to people of Lahore and food lovers. From Breakfast buffet to Dinner Buffet, the place is epitome of Quality food at Reasonable prices.

6: Café Aylanto, Lahore

Café Aylanto, Lahore

Here comes another gem of Lahore at Mall Road, which is known for its interdicted sophistication. No matter if you are looking for nook for romantic dinner or family dining, the café is ideal for savoring the intercontinental flavors sitting in high class aura. Allowing you to have phenomenal time at Lahore’s most posh restaurant is highly recommended especially for elegance seekers. What makes this café unavoidable food place in Lahore is its ever changing menu, which never let the food lovers bore; the artistic presentation and exotic dishes make this café a name of adventurous destination for friends and families in Lahore.

5: Andaaz Restaurant, Lahore

Andaaz Restaurant, Lahore

Imagine yourself sitting under the beaming sky in the thick of historical neighborhood of Lahore, at the rooftop restaurant passing over the scenic view of Badshahi Mosque in Lahore! Basically the whole place used to be the dancing area of Lahore, which is nowadays has become food hub of culturally yet historically rich city. Apart from such irresistible atmosphere of the place, the aroma of desi spicy food tempts the visitors to lick the fingers as the place is all about spices, BBQ, traditional handi recipes and classic deserts, altogether enough to whet the appetite.

4: Amritsari Hareesa, Lahore

Hereesa is more like haleem, but thick and rich in flavor! The legendary dish which is basically an invention of Mughal time, is nothing but cracked wheat grains and meat for which royal recipe is important thing! In Lahore, while roaming the city of history and culture, it will be injustice not to treat your taste buds with Amritsari Hareesa at Nisbat Road. Down to earth cooking, completion of the recipe of crushed grains and the delicious meat fibre with desi ghee along with freshly baked naans at Tandoor makes this place a big hit of Lahore, narrating the true spirit of rich food of Asia.

3: Espresso, Lahore

Espresso, Lahore

Espresso is great contribution in Lahore to mark the cultural change in country, when coffee literally has replaced tea! This coffee bar is more like a modern eatery, brimmed with international versions of smoothies, snacks and fast food. Popular for cozy chocolate brown environment, Espresso situated at Commercial Area, Phase III, DHA has become classic den for young lads in Lahore.

2: Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore

Not one or two, there is superfluity of food destinations at Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore which is being celebrated from many generations. In Lahore downtown, Lakhshmi Chowk is ultimate destination of desi food, giving a vibe of food porn in Lahore. The favorites which are capable to give a buzz to your taste buds, includes, Butt Karahi, Lasani Restaurant, Kaka’s Taka Tak , Murgh Chanay, Tabaq, cutting longest ever menu short, the Lakshmi Chowk in Lahore is food heaven where it will be sinful act to resist Chicken Karhai of Butt Karahi and Crunchy fish at Bashir Darul Mahi. (Alert: Reasonable prices and a huge variety of traditional food can drive anyone craving for more and more.)

Before listing the number 1 place of Food in Lahore that deserves your visit, here are some notable destinations which have marked a great respect in hearts of food lovers.

  • Paratha Kebab at Liberty Market, Lahore
  • Firni at Abbot Road, Lahore
  • Cosa Nostra: Known for best quality fast food
  • Cuckoos Den: First rooftop restaurant in locality of Shahi Qila Food Street, Lahore
  • Phaja Siri Paye, Lahore

1: Haveli Restaurant, Lahore

Haveli Restaurant, Lahore

Installed at Shahi Qila Food street, Haveli Restaurant is best of its kind, as in the locality there are several rooftop sitting eateries which bestows exotic views of Badshahi Mosque and being nestled in the thick of old buildings, the Haveli Restaurant elevates the dining experience. From scrumptious BBQ to traditional Mughal haleem and Chinese cuisines to vintage desserts, the Haveli Restaurant is big hit of Lahore city.

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