Top 20 Tour Places In Karachi You Should Never Miss To Visit

Once settled as a small fishing town about two centuries ago, no one would have imagined that this area could become a ‘mini Pakistan’ absorbing more than 27 million people, which are exactly a quarter of Pakistan’s total population. Being capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh perched out on the outskirts of Arabian Gulf; Karachi owns two of Pakistan's two largest seaports, the Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim. And it is not surprising to know that Karachi is second largest Muslim city in the world and being gigantic melting pot, Karachi is soaked up with diverse cultures and traditions of Pathans, Sindhi, Punjabi, Gilgiti, Balochi, and Afghani people, which altogether make Karachi the heart of the country.

For enthusiasts and seasonal tourists, Karachi is wonderful destination brimmed with cultural, historical and modern wonders, which literally worth a visit to savor the charm of ‘City of Lights’. Representing the real soul of Karachi, a city having its own sea, we have short-listed the Top 20 Tour Places In Karachi You Should Never Miss To Visit.

20: Paradise Point, Karachi

Paradise Point, Karachi

In mood to dive into deep water, seeking peace and thrilling fun, all you need is to rush towards Paradise Point in Karachi. This sandstone rock promontory which once had a natural arch is favorite summer destination of young lads and families, highly recommended for diving and swimming in clean and fresh seawater, to escape the heat of summer. Breezy atmosphere and beach-aura makes this place a big heat in Karachi.

19: Zamzama Park, Karachi

Living in busiest city of Pakistan, Karachi can be a little hectic for those who need peaceful time for absorbing energy from nature. For such tranquility and nature seekers, Zamzama Park is must-to-visit place, brimmed with jogging tracks, play ground area for children, beautifully manicured plants and trees and a cafeteria. An entry free of merely 10-20 rupees, for ranging over 26 acre park, installed in phase 5 area of Defence Housing Authority in Karachi, is ideal for spending leisure time.

18: Burns Road, Karachi

Burns Road, Karachi

Named after a British spy-doctor Mr. James Burnes, the Burns Road is Karachi’s oldest and biggest food street, known for its exquisite food and vast variety. This food street is not less than an urban legend, the real blend of brotherhood, where the essence of rich food is endowed with different backgrounds of its residents. Ranging from traditional food i.e. Nihari and Haleem to all sorts of barbecue stuff, the Burns Road is hub of popular cuisines in the Karachi city.

17: Frere Hall, Karachi

Among the Karachi’s popular heritage sites, Frere Hall is real place to explore the architectural diversity of city, as this building dating back from early British times, displays the rich history of Sindh province. This iconic building designed in Gothic Style made out of yellowish limestone with red and gray sandstones of Jungshai was supposed to serve as Karachi’s town hall about 150 years ago, but nowadays, the building is used as library and most-visited exhibition of books! Every Sunday, a book fair of old and new books is celebrated there, that attracts many visitors to cherish the Vintage aura, sitting in the two scenic lawns which were originally named as Kin’s Lawn and the Queen’s Lawn.

16: Karachi Zoo, Karachi

While stretching your legs in Karachi city, sauntering the country’s largest zoo at Nishtar road is wise option! Stretched over an area of 33 acres, the Karachi zoo provides different attractions i.e. Elephant house having two elephants named 'Noor Jahan' and 'Madhu Bala', Natural History Museum, White lions, and Mughal garden altogether serving something unusual than a typical zoo. Featuring expensive and rare animals and exotic birds, the Karachi Zoo is must-to-do for families in Karachi city.

15: Quaid-e-Azam House, Pakistan

Whether you are patriotic or just an average citizen, in Karachi tour, Quaid-e-Azam House must be in your bucket list. This colonial mansion serves as a museum, dedicated to founder of Pakistan, Mr. Jinnah, who had spent few years of his life in this house. The structure, architecture, historical objects and well maintained gardens deserves the exploration for savoring the artistic approach and simplicity of our Quaid.

14: Kirthar National Park, Karachi

Kirthar National Park is heaven for daredevils and nature enthusiasts, as this place is plethora of endless landscapes of desserts, stony valleys, wildlife, all rugged with Kirthar Mountain range. Approximately 2 hours away from downtown Karachi, this wildlife sanctuary is justified of every minute and money spend, featuring historic Ranikot fort and Darawat Dam, located near Thana Bulla Khan, Kirthar National Park Range, and exotic water streams within its territory the place is cultural heritage bombarded with outstanding beauty and peace.

13: Wazir Mansion, Karachi

Wazir Mansion, Karachi

The birthplace of our founder Mr. Jinnah, Wazir Mansion is ideal for educational and entertainment purposes in Karachi, that truly bless the patriotism and cultural inspiration to our next generations! Among the historical monuments, Wazir Mansion is highly recommended for ranging over the antiques and the whole stone masonry where the father of nation has spent his early 16 years.

12: Kanrach Waterfalls, Karachi

Merely 2 hours away from Karachi downtown area, the Kanarch waterfalls are lays the water oasis of green-blue water nestled within the stony mountains. In the outskirts of Balochistan, where the two provinces emerge i.e. Sindh and Balochoistan, the destination of Kanarch Waterfalls is heart-soothing and big YES for this little patch of heaven! The carved and colorful mountains, twisting and curling roads along with scenic landscapes makes the road trip of 200 km from Karachi to reach the Valley of Kanarch is somewhat extraordinarily majestic.

11: Mohatta Palace, Karachi

In the heart of Pakistan, Karachi, it is normal to find the oldest architectural designs, which literally dates back to Victorian era, narrating the tales of rich history of our land! Among such historical gems in Pakistan, Mohatta Palace cum museum is must-to-do thing for art and history lovers. The palace which was once built by a successful Hindu Marwari entrepreneur, dedicated to his ill wife for whom winds of the sea were recommended as cure, the palace is nowadays a live example of brilliant  recreate version of Anglo-Mughal palaces of the Rajput princes. From floor to ceilings the palace is known for its jaw-dropping interiors, which nowadays serves as exhibition of art and fashion.

10: Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi

Karachi can simply be known as city of our Founder of nation where his birth-home to burial place is located! Serving as iconic symbol of Pakistan, Mazar-e-Quaid is installed in the heart of Karachi city, the white marbled building bestows true patriotic vibes for the fact that the place features tombs of significant historic heroes i.e. Quaid e Azam (Muhammad Ali Jinnah), Fatima Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan etc.

9: Karachi Safari Park, Karachi

Installed over the land of 148 acres, Karachi Safari Park has its own zoo featuring notable animals i.e. Elephant, Cheetah and Zebra, availability of chairlift, trains rides and Safari tracks along with two beautiful natural lakes. Planning for family outing with kids and expecting thrilling time in limited budget? The park is there for you, crammed with electronic rides, animals and aqua life in ponds, for spending quality of time without wasting buckets of money.

8: Pakistan Maritime Museum, Karachi

The Pakistan Maritime Museum is shining example of modern concepts of presentation and interactive education, nestled within a park of 28 acres, displaying six galleries and an auditorium, all about naval submarines, several historical artifacts of navy, ancient weapons and modern technology stuff.. Cutting long story short, the museum is highly recommended for all ages in Karachi to spend best time ever exploring the coolest stuff ever! And yes the museum organizes the Dolphin show that is main attraction of children in this splendid museum.

7: Bagh Ibne Qasim, Karachi

The beachside park which is literally visited by 10 million people every year is known for lush green space and peace all over the place. To escape the hustle and bustle of ever busy city Karachi, the Bagh Ibne Qasim is great relief featuring manicured gardens, turtle ponds, benches and trails for giving tranquility to own soul in Karachi.

6: The Great Fiesta Family Water Park, Karachi

In summer, this is ultimate destination of families seeking for water sports and thrill at the same time! Crammed with numerous water slides of different heights, the park is Karachi’s largest water park, known for unforgettable water slides. The one thing that make it must to visit in Karachi is, it’s a family park!

5: Masjid e Tooba, Karachi

Claimed to be the largest single-dome mosque in the world, the Masjid e Tooba has recently become favorite tourist attraction of families in Karachi, famous for its unique structure and architecture. The round-shaped mosque with no pillar, built of pure white marble has capacity of absorbing more than 50 thousand visitors.

4: National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi

National Museum of Pakistan is shining example of the fact that history and culture holds the survival of any nation. Engrossing exhibits the records of the cultural history of Pakistan, the museum’s main attraction i.e. a two-million-year-old Stone Age axe recovered from the Potwar Plateau and historic items of  early Arab settlements of Debal and Mansura, attracts history buffs.

3: Clifton Beach, Karachi

The city has its own big sea, not just a lake or river.  Karachi is with sea has become trademark for it globally. If anyone is urging to dive into fresh water and not having bucks in pocket-all you need is to rush towards Clifton Beach. Nothing can be more exciting than swimming and witnessing sunset in the evening, bestowing your soul to connect with nature and beauty of Arabian Sea. *Note: Clifton Beach, mostly known as Sea-view gets very crowded in weekends.

2: Empress Market, Karachi

Dating back to British Raj era, the structure of Empress Market narrates it old rich history. Ranging from traditional spices to meat, the market is wildly busy and crowded packed among few historical spots of the city. No matter what you are planning to buy or not, socks or smart phone, stretching in this magnificent market is highly recommended in Karachi, where the low prices will always surprise you pleasantly.

1: Devil’s Point, Karachi

Devil’s Point, Karachi

Not in mood of travelling through the parks, gardens or sea in Karachi, but urging to watch something unusual? Well, the Devil’s point is blind cum trusted destination, where the boredom does not exist! Basically it’s a racing track of Karachi city, where the modified cars usually race on Sunday, in the exotic and tranquil place, giving you electric shock of dare and heart-soothing vibe at the same point.

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