Top 10 Tour Places In Murree You Should Never Miss To Visit

At the edge of Islamabad and Rawapindi, Murree is based in the Galyat region of the Pir Panjal Range, which was once summer mountain resort for British troops, but these days it has become beautiful town and summer holiday destination for expats in Rawapindi district. Quite alluring and affordable, this hill station, also known as Queen of Hills, Murree has become favorite tourist attraction for fun enthusiasts in Pakistan and worldwide, always exploring nature and fun. Enabling tourists to savor the best of Murree beauty, today we have narrow-listed the Top 10 Tour Places In Murree You Should Never Miss To Visit.

10: Dir Munjai Pakistan, Murree

For tranquility seekers, here comes a beautiful and peaceful patch of paradise on earth, situated 15 km south-east of Murree hill. Away from the hectic and monotonous lifestyle of big cities, this small village cum tourist spot in District Dir (Lower) Pakistan. Whether your concern is to fresh your mind and soul or just to collect beautiful pictures in such nature-rich place, Dir Munjai in Murree will never disappoint nature loving expats.

9: Sangrela Park, Murree

Featuring exotic water stream and play area for children within its territory, this park is mostly used for family day out in Murree. Planning to enjoy barbecue and nature at the same time, to escape the summer heat of crowded cities, Sangrela Park at Murree Express way is highly recommended for families and friends. People craving for privacy and quality time with family must not take this beautiful park cum valley for granted, as the whole place is ideal for basking in calm atmosphere while barbecuing and witnessing nature all around.

(Note: Families are advised to take food items and beverages with them, as there is no availability of shops nearby.)

8: Murree Mall Road, Murree

Absorbing plenty of shops and eateries, the mall road is suggested to visit for experiencing the real Murree experience, and if you are not into interacting loads of people, then this place is a real challenge for you to try something different.

7: Pindi Point, Murree

Standing on the peak of this most visited resort place in Murree, one can witness the aerial view of twin cities i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi, after which this attractive mountain point is named as Pindi Point. In the thick of mountains and lush green trees, the availability of chair lift adventure has made this Pindi Point must-to-do thing in Murree, seeking thrill and excitement in pleasant weather of Murree.

6: River Neelam, Murree

People mostly choose Murree to escape heat in summers, and among its precious assets, River Neelam is big hit of Murree, no doubt a bit away from Murree Road, but the refreshing and exotic river point deserves few hours’ drive-away distance. Unapologetically beautiful and enchanting, Neelam River in Murree experience is crucial for all fun enthusiasts, who need to connect their souls with nature, standing at Kashmir waterfall; merely 20 minutes drive away from Neelum Point. Mountains covered with thick and lush green trees, the running waterfall of fresh water and functional eatery nearby makes Kashmir waterfall near River Neelam an unavoidable treat in Murree tour.

5: Kashmir Point, Murree

Here comes another panoramic viewpoint of Murree, the Kashmir Point which is merely 10 minutes away from downtown Murree, and what makes it a must-to-visit destination in Murree is that standing at Kashmir Point gives you 360-degree view of lush green valleys, picture-perfect villages amid forest and mountains covered with snow (in winter season). Known for horse riding and walking tract leading to Government house in Murree, Kashmir Point must be in your bucket list for savoring real fun in Murree.

4: Chattar Park, Murree

The perfect blend of nature and man-made projects in form of play area for children, Chattar Park is nestled in the foot of Murree hills, which literally temps tourists from big cities seeking entertainment and peace in their lives. Stretched over more than 12 acres of area, featuring flowing stream, waterfall, walking tracks, children’s play area and restaurant in its premises, Chattar Park is personal favorite for families in summer. One of the most visited tour destination needs attention of Government for maintaining its quality and standards up to international level for sure.

3: Nathiagali, Murree

Approximately an hour drive away from Murree, Nathiagali is undoubtedly heaven patch on earth, known for its striking beauty and cold weather, a must-visit tour place in Murree. Being nestled at higher altitude, this summer resort enjoys the courtesy for becoming personal favorite for family holidays and honeymoon in Pakistan. Brimmed with hiking tracks and scenic mountainous area, Nathiagalia is not less than Switzerland. From the exotic drive-away journey to reaching Nathiagali, the whole experience is unforgettable. Planning to spend few bucks on romantic honeymoon or thrilling experience with bunch of your dear ones, Nathiagali promises best money spent in your life, for soothing your heart and nursing the hidden charm of being loved!

2: Ayubia, Murree

Here we are the real treat for dare devils and fun enthusiasts wandering the world in lust of exploring virgin lands and unforgettable and picture-perfect patch of paradise on earth! Approximately 20 km away from Murree road, there most visited picnic spot Ayubia National Park, which literally entertains 100,000 tourists every year. Encircled several major villages and four small towns of Thandiani, Nathiagali, Ayubia and Khanspur, Ayubia National Park is known for its proximity to nature, engulfing wildlife and park in its territory. No matter if it is summer or winter, while roaming the Murree, skipping Ayubia cannot be justified if your hunger is nature!

1: Patriata Chair Lift, Murree

Alert! Buying ticket of Patriata Chair Lift is not an easy chore, for so crowded in holiday season, but the thrilling experience worth it realizing the fact that good things do not come in cheap package! For this long and beautiful ride, at the highest point of Murree hills must be at the rim of your bucket list in Murree experience, totally a complete package of entertainment n thrill, affordability, trying something unusual and watching the whole beautiful town beneath you.

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